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Here Are Two Ways You Can Download Madden 22
August 12th (today) is when the trial can be downloaded, with it officially letting people play it tomorrow (13th). The Madden 22 EA Play demo will be a 10-hour trial, allowing you to play any mode you want but for a limited time, with the full game being released on August 20th.You can buy Madden 22 Coins from rsvsr if you need coins in Madden NFL 22.
Madden 22 Trial Release Date & Time
Madden 22 is all set to launch on Friday, August 20 on PC, Google Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and, of course, Xbox Series S.
Last year's instalment saw a delay between the last and current gen release dates, but fans won't have to pick between platforms this time around, with a unified launch across platforms.
If you want to dive in to the full game early, you can pre-order the title to start playing on Monday, August 16.
There's also the EA Play trial which gives a limited period of even earlier access. Read on for more on both of these options.
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Here are two ways you can download Madden 22
According to a report by GameSpot. gamers can purchase the EA membership at a low price of $4.99 per month and $29.99 annually. The early access event will start on August 12 and it will remain available for the first 10-hours. In addition to the trail gameplay, subscribers will also gain access to a number of free things and it is limited to console only. Gamers will have to make the most of this opportunity to play the game before the limited timed trial expires.
Limited-time MUT Challenges
10% off pre-order
Launch Welcome Pack in MUT
Monthly MUT rewards
Another great way to gain access to this trial through pre-ordering the title. You will have to purchase the Dynasty or MVP edition in order to gain access to the limited timed demo. However, this same offer will not be applicable to the purchase of a standard edition. Gamers who pre-order the title will gain access to the game three-days before its ultimate release on August 17th. Moreover, gamers will also get the chance to play exclusive challenges during the early access demo.
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