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Geolog v8.0
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rslogix5000 V26.0
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LabVIEW 2014 SP1.0
ProNest 2015 v11
Acrorip v8.23
petrel v2014.4
csJoint v9.0.002
Altair SimSolid 2019.0.1.2680 Win64
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SIMO v4.2
openflow suite 2019
INESCOP ICad3D+ Pro 2020
LucidShape caa v2019
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Isograph Availability Workbench v4.0
Isograph Reliability Workbench v14.0
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LFM.Server v5.1.0 x64
Tekla Structural Designer 2019. SP4
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compass Inland v2016
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DS(ex.Cobham)SIMULIA Opera 2020 SP1 x64
What are the main advantages of Autonomous Mobile Robots?

1. More Flexibility
Autonomous Mobile Robots can be flexible and agile because they use onboard sensors cameras, magnet tape, and other sensors to carry out their tasks. Autonomous Mobile Robots are able to create their own routes from Point A to Point B in an area. This allows them to overcome obstacles, instead of following pre-determined routes. Autonomous Mobile Robots can also be utilized to perform new tasks more quickly than other automation techniques, which often require more work and time to modify. Check out this Autonomous Mobile Robot info for more.

2. Increased Safety
Autonomous Mobile Robots are packed to the gills with cameras and sensors. These allow the Autonomous Mobile Robot to see and comprehend its surroundings. It is able to move through the facility with ease without coming upon people, goods infrastructure, or even people. But, the equipment used by human operators (e.g. forklifts) do not have as many safety measures and depend on input from humans. Autonomous Mobile Robots are more secure than human operators. A human operator could become disoriented or fatigued, which could lead to an accident. Utilizing Autonomous Mobile Robots for tasks that are easily repeatable will allow operations to eliminate the risk of human error and greatly increase the security of the facility.

3. Rapid Implementation
Autonomous Mobile Robots can be implemented in a single operation, which can take anywhere from four to six weeks, depending on the specifics of an operation. Important here is the picking software and warehouse execution programs that the units must be integrated with. Even for those on the top end of the spectrum this is a relatively short amount of time, particularly when compared to other technologies. To give an example, it can take up to one year to set up a goods-to-person (G2P), system.

4. Scalability
Autonomous Mobile Robots are easy to install within an establishment. This lets you use a modular approach to deployment. Begin with a couple of units, and increase the number as your company expands or your requirements alter. This will help to avoid an expensive initial investment. Instead, instead of buying huge quantities of Autonomous Mobile Robots in one go it is possible to start with a small number of units, and grow your fleet in the course of time. The modular deployment will free capital that you can use to pursue other initiatives as you study the effects of Autonomous Mobile Robots on your business and plan your what next steps to take.

5. Moving between facilities is simple and easy.
Certain operations might not be willing to consider automation options if they realize that the move to an entirely new facility is coming up. This reasoning makes sense. Why would you create a brand new system if it could be taken down in two years following the time when the new facility is constructed? Autonomous Mobile Robots could help bridge the gap between these two scenarios. Autonomous Mobile Robots are very easy to operate and can be easily transferred from one place to the next. This makes it possible to automate even in the short-term. These Autonomous Mobile Robots are an asset for companies looking to establish the concept of a temporary holiday operations.
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